Pantheism Refuted

Göbekli Tepe is an idolsite, that many think is “religious”, which is a common misconception.

Its pillars are about an idol, and some of them seem to reflect what later became known as pantheism, that The Giad is all.

When the idol goes into an error, such as an oksymoron of “Truth is Lie”, the idolaterous art covers over with animal symbolism.

The Dispilio Tablet is probably Adams tablet, and has a triangular symbol with dot inside for The Giad. It is not pantheistic.

Later the jews switched from paleo-hebrew script to block-script hebrew, giving the impression of pantheism.

In newer days, Einstein formulated what became known as the mass-eneregy equivalence, and he said he was inspired by pantheists such as Spinoza.

Modern day quantum physics often has a pantheistic philosophy.

While we can see here than pantheism comes from an idol, and a script change, and is not the real Giad.