BiT3 / Demoscene

In my teens I was participating in The Demoscene, as BiT, mostly part of the group Eon. BiT3 indicates this. An early place for I T philes. And a phenomena were people competed in skill, mainly on the Amiga homecomputer, an early multimedia computer. The non I T philes was considered “lamers”, which in this context really is a follower of Shaytan. It became a debated expression and is not used anymore.

It had influences from the C64, where game programmers had pushed the abilities of this computer, often beyond what was though spec. Where I got to know Dex.

And as I turned 18,in 94 the phenomena really was over. And Amiga went bankrupt.

It was an interest for the intelligent. About pushing the computers abilities, to the max. And related code, music graphics.

The main gist of it started in 90, when Cryptoburners “copy party” was busted by Police, and BJ electronics. (This is quite famous in the circles). After this, participants decided to focus on their own productions, and not game piracy.

I went to some “hacker conferences” or “gatherings” as they were called after this, and had a 1st with music at The Gathering Light 92, with an amiga music “module” as they were called, a file incorporating the samples and notes for the music piece, called Bit Sounds. And a 3rd at The Gathering 93, with Style Blend. They are still uploaded to the internet by people. After this the gatherings generally have become more cultic.

My official music module collection is here: file archive :: browsing /music/artists/bit/