Kuran Translation Research

I became a muzlim a bit over 20 years ago, and has studied The Kuran extensively since then.

It has become good research on Kuran translation.

Indeed, some work is still left on that, for a native to latin alphabet, translation. Key expressions need to be as close to native in latin alphabet, for a completely correct Izlam. While ofcourse The Giad is also The Oft-Forgiving.

I have already written about some mainpoints of my research:

The Giad is a correction of “God”, and best used as the arabic Ilah. As in there is only one Giad.

And the kuranic initials seem also to reflect what concept to use in different alphabet. Hu is “HA” read left-to-right and indicates to work like a native concept of Latin Alphabet.

And the correct related expression becomes, as was said to Firon in the Kuran. Who is the Lord of The Cozmos? It is the Lord of The Universes And The Earth.

And the wellknown Elf is a version of the right-to-left Iblis Ash Shaytan. Where Shayatin, becomes Elfon. A follower of Elf.

“Do not follow Elf, he invites to Hell alone”. “Hell” seem also correct with Elf.






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