Being a muzlim for a bit over 20 years now, I have never really seen anything like the Salafis Jihad that Osama Bin Laden became famous (and punished by death) for “Jihad”.

Salaf The Quranic Arabic Corpus – Quran Dictionary

Jihad The Quranic Arabic Corpus – Quran Search

The word is said to mean “strive”.

Many people who use this also talk about “hijab”.

Hijab The Quranic Arabic Corpus – Quran Dictionary

This is not about headwear in The Kuran. (While The Kuran states to have full-lenght clothing. (33:59))

It must be what is called a “Cognitive Dissonance”, as neither of the words are appropiately used.

The Salafi sect has emphasis on people in ekstra hadit (narrations (eksternal to the Kuran)). It is these who are known for a fundamental stand on “hijab and jihad”. Salafi is said to mean, a follower of the early generations. Which are only described in these ekstra hadit, and not in The Kuran. Often accompanied by a moon-idol.

An earlier variant is Wahabi. LA WAHAB is a name of The Giad, Wahabi means following this. It may be an attempt to correct Sunni-sect teachings, from an angle of LA WAHAB. Still the names of The Giad, all reflect the same. And that The Kuran is the only book for Izlam.