Category: Music

  • Rob Hubbard – Zoids (Ancestors, BiT3 Effected C64 Miks)

    Rob Hubbard did an interpretation of Synergys track, Ancestors, for Zoids. I think particulary the AM use here is good The Zid chip supports AM, Amplitude Modulation, as is known from modular synthesis. So I did a miks of this again.

  • The Journey (Zid chip inspired Amiga track, early 90s)

    I was inspired by the c64 Zid chip, when I did music on the Amiga. And it has its name from Zid of the kuranic initials. Many made melodious synth lines, which I was inspired by, but differing a bit in choices of tones following harmony etc. Here with samples, and also with a good…

  • Neverending Story (cover)

    I just came across this Neverending Story cover on Youtube. I thought it was quite amazing.

  • Trance

    Mystical trance, is a part of religious culture many places. The genrĂ© trance music seems based on this, and really compatible with the muzlim Maruf not Munkar principles (Take the good, and not the poor). I have had a trance music hobby, and revisit it from time to time, and was inspired a new track,…